Mindfulness Inventory

Meditating Buddhist, by qubodup, 2012, https://openclipart.org/detail/172675/meditating-buddhist

This exercise will help you to think about your own states of mind and heart, it will make you aware of whether you need to develop more mindfulness in your everyday life (which is good for your mental and physical health as well as for sustaining an equitable and fair community around you).

  • Download the mindfulness inventory here (pdf).
  • Mark an ‘X’ in one of the four alternatives describing the frequency of experiences of mindfulness
  • Characterize your most recent experience of connection to the present moment
  • Think about the last 2 days as the time-frame to consider each item in this inventory
  • There are no ‘right,’ ‘wrong,’ ‘good,’ or ‘bad’ responses; what is important is to be aware of your own personal experience

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