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  1. I thought this workshop was very worthwhile. You packed a lot of topics and information into a small time. I shared the concept and video of Sonder with a coworker. I also took the time afterwards to read the website and bookmark it for future use. There is a lot of good material here.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful session. It was great to explore these important topics and the exercises really opened my eyes to many things. I would have enjoyed more time for conversation and dialogue and perhaps some more context on how the concepts tie in together.

  3. I found this a really valuable workshop – since attending, I’ve thought about the concepts a lot and have had some interesting conversations about privilege and the complexity of social location with others.

    The resources on the trubox site are excellent – I’ve shared those with my team. And thank you for including a video about the Bechdel test. The test is a very direct way to see the different ways that men’s and women’s stories are valued.

  4. Namaste Dr.Monica: thank you for these resources. They are useful and am using some of them in my course on Community Organising. -Bala Nikku, School of Social Work and Human Services, TRU

Feedback on this workshop

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