The practice of mindfulness and mindful exercises carries a host of benefits not limited to  increases in focus, present moment awareness, and non-judgement (Fresnics and Borders, 2016); mindfulness-based exercises such as meditation improve ones’ ability to respond to challenging stimuli while also producing a greater sense of well-being in practitioners (Bamber and Schneider, 2016).

The following websites and applications are provided as resources to engage and assist individuals who are interested in learning more about how to use mindfulness in their daily lives.


Canadian-based organization developing mindfulness for sports, education, in the workplace and as a resource for mental health

A Buddhist approach to mindfulness with a wide variety of great resources for starting a practice

Guided meditations and much more from author, activist, buddhist Dr. Tara Brach

Resources and exercises from author and pioneer of self-compassion Dr. Kristin Neff

A wonderful community website that offers a wide range of free mindfulness and meditation resources

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Practical, easy to use website and resources for developing a mindful life


Insight Timer is rated one of the top free meditation app by iOs and Android users

An easy to use free mindfulness app that can be used by both children and adults