Equity Training with Mindfulness and Compassion

We may have privilege of some form or another; by luck of birth, we may be placed in a system that creates suffering; we may not deserve everything we have…

Becoming aware of this, may produce discomfort in us and may make us feel guilty, or disheartened, or angry.

People with archetypal privileged identities (such as white males) may experience negative feelings when presented with this kind of evidence; especially when their individual life-stories may have made them feel less than privileged.

On the flip-side, disadvantaged minorities may not want to be labeled “disadvantaged.”

Nevertheless, equity work must recognize that the “playing field” is not level at all; that our differences matter in order to get acceptance, recognition and opportunities from mainstream society.

Reflecting on our own privilege in an inequitable world is essential.

But once we know about our own privilege, once we have an awareness of the source of our privilege (often invisible), we ought to own this awareness AND DROP THE GUILT

This online workshop is designed to help you get close to this objective; we hope it will help you become an equity worker, engage in this “labour of love,” and live your everyday life through the lens of this awareness.


Meditating Buddhist, by qubodup, 2012, https://openclipart.org/detail/172675/meditating-buddhist


Relating to one’s experience within an orientation of curiosity, experiential openness, and acceptance. Gaining insight into our own mental, emotional, and bodily states. De-centering one-self, seeing one’s own thoughts and feelings as relative and temporary.

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Thank you for participating!